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JP-H01191860-A: Master plate for electrophotographic planographic printing patent, JP-H01203191-A: Elevator cage patent, JP-H01205296-A: Sales data processor patent, JP-H01223158-A: Flame-retardant phenolic resin composition patent, JP-H01226737-A: Bi-sr-ca-cu superconductor and its production patent, JP-H01233525-A: Computer patent, JP-H01236106-A: Roll inverter patent, JP-H01240333-A: Automatic travelling type out trigger device capable of being equipped with operating device unit patent, JP-H01248801-A: Reflection mirror antennae patent, JP-H01251383-A: Reading circuit for polyphase memory array patent, JP-H01252632-A: Amide-urea copolymer and production thereof patent, JP-H01262446-A: Optical surface defect detecting method patent, JP-H01281142-A: Photodecomposition apparatus for halogenated acyclic hydrocarbon compound patent, JP-H01283993-A: Circuit printed board, its surface mounting component position recognition device and surface mounting component inspecting device patent, JP-H01289166-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-H01306669-A: Method for adjusting flow and temperature of wash water patent, JP-H01307755-A: Method and device of processing non-silver salt photosensitive material by which workability etc., of waste liquid treatment is improved patent, JP-H01314544-A: Vacuum cleaner patent, JP-H01317491-A: Washing agent supplying device for washing machine or the like patent, JP-H01318451-A: Telecontroller network system patent, JP-H0192361-A: Fluidization thin metal film forming device patent, JP-H0199764-A: Continuous casting equipment and operating method patent, JP-H02102845-A: Vehicle lamp patent, JP-H02115667-A: Distributor patent, JP-H0211998-A: Tube fitting with residual pressure relief valve patent, JP-H02126009-A: Forced combustion type gas burner patent, JP-H02138455-A: Production of extruded flat perforated aluminum tube for heat exchanger patent, JP-H02139108-A: Copying method for inner wall of pipe and device therefor patent, JP-H0214014-A: Production of fine sized polyester yarn patent, JP-H02147864-A: Acceleration sensor patent, JP-H02153979-A: Carbon black for ink patent, JP-H02160381-A: Method for using sealed type lead-acid battery patent, JP-H02162170-A: Car body rear structure for automobile patent, JP-H02168016-A: Bearing device and scroll compressor therewith patent, JP-H02180593-A: Punching device for green sheet patent, JP-H02186390-A: Video image converter patent, JP-H02193699-A: Shirt finisher patent, JP-H02196985-A: Ultrasonic distance measuring instrument patent, JP-H02218958-A: Method and device for measuring gas concentration of molten metal and metal matrix composite patent, JP-H02226457-A: Multiprocessor controller having shared control store patent, JP-H02230007-A: Burner patent, JP-H02240318-A: Artificial ground construction to be constructed on water surface patent, JP-H02260742-A: Digital automatic answering telephone set patent, JP-H02263473-A: Semiconductor device and semiconductor storage device patent, JP-H02269706-A: Production of acryl elastomer patent, JP-H02298079-A: Manufacture of thin film solar battery patent, JP-H02300204-A: Production of reactive microgel patent, JP-H02307908-A: High-gloss, high-strength polyvinyl alcohol-based yarn and production thereof patent, JP-H02309678-A: Insulated-gate field-effect transistor and manufacture thereof patent, JP-H02311117-A: Wiring facility device patent, JP-H0246790-A: Fire retardant flexible printed circuit board patent, JP-H0254019-A: Reaming method and reaming knotted pile method and device therefor patent, JP-H0262920-A: Inspection device for operation sound of motor-driven equipment patent, JP-H0290749-A: Line termination equipment patent, JP-H03102304-A: Axis aligning method for optical fiber patent, JP-H03104020-A: Disk device patent, JP-H03112625-A: Method of bending and bonding foamed plastic plate patent, JP-H03118290-A: Fishing boat patent, JP-H03119299-A: Holding method for shield segment, holding metal fittings, and holding device patent, JP-H0312644-A: Automatic exposure controller patent, JP-H03135666-A: Mechanical translation system patent, JP-H03152557-A: Magnetic developer patent, JP-H03153896-A: Nickel plating solution, bright copper-nickel-chromium electroplating method using this solution and ensuring superior corrosion resistance and plating film obtained by this method patent, JP-H0315399-A: Composition for testing humor ingredient patent, JP-H03160386-A: System and apparatus for identifying aircraft by secondary radar patent, JP-H03166873-A: Video camera patent, JP-H0318540-A: Paper feeding control method for copying machine patent, JP-H03206684-A: Application of adhesive for temporary fixing of electronic part patent, JP-H03225203-A: Electrostatic capacity type expanded position detector for cylinder patent, JP-H03248217-A: Sample and hold circuit patent, JP-H03260951-A: Cartridge housing cell patent, JP-H03261538-A: Draw-off controlling apparatus for inflation film manufacturing machine patent, JP-H03266792-A: Small lifeboat patent, JP-H034267-A: Developing device patent, JP-H0343466-A: Polyethylene composition for powder coating patent, JP-H0347208-A: Lighting device for low temperature storing-case patent, JP-H0348398-A: Fire sensing terminal equipment patent, JP-H03504039-A: patent, JP-H03504803-A: patent, JP-H0359295-A: Shield tunnel excavator patent, JP-H0372383-A: Optical scanning controller for electrophotographic printer patent, JP-H038251-A: Electron beam machining device patent, JP-H0385414-A: Detecting apparatus of information patent, JP-H0399211-A: Recognition of body patent, JP-H04101688-A: Failure detector for rotor position detector of motor patent, JP-H04117532-A: Control system for hardware diagnostic program patent, JP-H04134852-A: Lead frame patent, JP-H04141733-A: Level-up management system for software package patent, JP-H04157929-A: System for interconnecting equipments patent, JP-H04163879-A: Contact pin fixing method patent, JP-H04174288-A: Mixing device for circular furnace patent, JP-H04185632-A: Epoxy resin composition for electrical insulation patent, JP-H04190936-A: Device for manufacturing honeycomb structural body patent, JP-H04248447-A: Blood analyzer patent, JP-H04259423-A: Lid panel patent, JP-H04261246-A: Transmission system and transmission method patent, JP-H04287382-A: Mask material for forming oxide thin film, forming method for pattern of oxide thin film using same, and manufacture of superconducting element patent, JP-H04288607-A: Clock signal switching circuit patent, JP-H04322581-A: Method of discriminating content in television broadcast in local selection video recorder of television broadcast program patent, JP-H04322972-A: Binder material for diamond abrasive grain patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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